The Art of Performance is a one of a kind training opportunity. With a top of the line faculty lineup including Elladj Balde, Patrick Chan, Kaetlyn Osmond, Liz Putnam and Liam Firus, students will be lead through a weekend long workshop that details every aspect of the word performance. From in-depth faculty chats to mental strength techniques, skating skills, dance classes, off ice training, parent chats and coaches seminars, figure skaters will leave refueled with a newly found perspective on the sport as well as vital tools to success in performance that they will not receive anywhere else. The signature class of the weekend titled The Art of Performance, is a uniquely curated opportunity created by Elladj Balde. It is in this class where he has developed special exercises designed to empower athletes to make room for finding your unique voice and artistic connection.

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The Art of Performance by Elladj Balde

This signature class led by Elladj Balde is designed to reconnect athletes with the art form and performance aspect of figure skating. By remembering why we do this in the first place and using our skills as a therapeutic release, we are able to dive further into becoming the most capable and honest performers possible. Elladj truly believes that it is his love of connecting with audiences that has helped him overcome setbacks and obstacles within his technical training. He has touched the hearts of crowds all around the world and now he is ready to share his secrets to success. Elladj has designed special exercises within this class that empower athletes to make room for finding their unique voice and artistic connection within the performance. Get ready for a one of a kind on ice class that leaves you feeling fueled, inspired and ready to take on anything!

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